An apprentice wizard that has plenty of trouble when it comes to climbing. Known for defeating Yeemik with a single spell.


Background: Ruthmior joined the School of Wizardry at an early age and has been a devoted student ever since. His spells are devastatingly powerful, but he can only cast them a few times between rests – something he learned during his nightly visits to the female dorm.

He briefly joined our heroes on their quest during his vacation and is well known for knocking out the great Yeemik with one of his spells. Word about this eventually reached his school, and he’s been even more popular since – especially with the ladies.

Luckily, word of his inability to climb short heights never got out and is only known to the few adventurers who were present at the time.

“You’re a wizard, Ruthmior!” – Arch Mage Gondolf


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